Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between MIPL2 and UMIP?

UMIP is an effort to maintain MIPL2 on recent kernels. The main differences are:

  • MIPL2 only runs on kernel up to 2.6.16 and will not run on more recent kernels,
  • UMIP includes a bunch of bugfixes and will eventually include new features.

UMIP and MIPL2 shares however most of the base code, so if you are used to MIPL2, using UMIP should not be a problem.

I have a problem to report, or patches to send. What is the right place?

The USAGI users mailing list is the right place for that. When you report a bug, be sure to include a maximum of information such as:

  • You environment (topology, UMIP version, kernel version),
  • The UMIP configuration files,
  • The UMIP logs,
  • The steps to reproduce the bug.